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A Better Imap

Since UW-Imapd (the default imapd that comes with linux) doesn't really seem to work very well, I went out and found/installed a better one. Though it's not obvious at first, the best way to do this is to:

1) remove sendmail and replace it with qmail
2) do the following to configure qmail for "maildir" rather than "mailbox" storage:

as the user:

% maildirmake $HOME/Maildir
% echo ./Maildir/ > ~/.qmail

as root:

Create a maildir in the new-user template directory and (probably don't need to do this, but I'm keeping it logged here anyway) replace ./Mailbox with ./Maildir/ in /var/qmail/rc.

3) fire up qmail
4) install Courier-IMAP as the imap server.

both packages are available from Freshmeat, and so far seem to work much better than the defaults from redhat. Courier-IMAP mentions the need for "maildrop", but you don't need it as long as you setup Maildir support with Qmail.

This, of course, breaks mail readers like elm, but gives a better imap tool. Pine can read imap, and there's a tool in the qmail package that can convert maildirs so they can be read by elm, etc.
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